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Broadstones School - -1 days remaining
Closing Date 22/09/2020

Broadstones School

Broadstone Mill


Stockport SK57DL

Broadstones (formally SMS Education) is a DFE registered independent special school. It caters for learners aged 13-16 that find traditional school settings problematic and find learning through vocational activities beneficial. At Broadstones we specialise in helping those that may have fallen behind or out of education due to social, emotional or mental health issues to catch up and identify a clear path to post 16 education. Our recent Ofsted report states Broadstones is a GOOD school, where learners “make good progress” and are “happy and feel safe in the school.”  “Staff are quick to form excellent relationships and re-build pupils’ self-confidence and self-esteem” and “teachers design work to meet the personal needs and interests of each pupil. As a result, pupils engage in their learning and make good gains in their progress and development.” 
We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with both academic and vocational courses.  Broadstones is a registered qualification and exam  centre with Pearson Qualifications, Gateway Qualifications and ASDAN. We offer a selection of vocational alternative education provisions in the following areas: Construction  Music (Rubber Soul) Art & Design Hair & Beauty Social Care Travel & Tourism Sport Qualifications can be offered in all areas up to GCSE equivlent. All students sit qualifications in English and maths either at functional skills or GCSE (or both).
Please find below Job Description/Personal Specification

For further information/application form, please contact Angela Wallace - angelawallace@broadstonesschool.co.uk.

Broadstones School


Responsible to:     

Deputy Head/Head Teacher

Main purpose of the job :

 Support the learning, achievement and development of pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties (SEMH) at Broadstones School under the direction of the Deputy head and Head Teacher

Main job functions. The post holder will effectively:

 To teach  Entry Level  Functional Skills & Functional skills English to pupils at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

To teach GCSE English qualifications.

To embed catch up literacy throughout the curriculum


 Under the direction of the Deputy Head, the Teacher will:

Support  Pupils


A.                  Teach and be responsible for the planning, organisation, delivery and assessment of English subjects at KS3/KS4.

B.                  Target pupils using Catch Up Literacy assessments and embed the intervention programme in lessons for where required.

C.                  To monitor, assess and review the progress of individual students and groups of students to maintain records and prepare and present reports.

D.                  To manage the behaviour of the group within the structure of the behaviour management policy in line with Pivotal MAPA.

E.                   Work with colleagues on planning for the achievement of all students.

F.                   Develop effective communication with parents to maximise learning opportunities.

G.                  Take part in professional development opportunities provided by the school.

H.                  Liaise with other agencies as appropriate

I.                     Carry out duties that may reasonably be requested by the Deputy/Head Teacher in accordance with contractual agreements.

J.                    Establish productive and appropriate working relationships with pupils.

K.                   Promote the inclusion and acceptance of all pupils within the class.

L.                   Support pupils consistently whilst recognising and responding to their individual needs.

M.                Encourage pupils to interact and work cooperatively with others and engage all pupils in the learning.

N.                  Provide constructive feedback to pupils in a time efficient manner.

O.                  Manage pupils with challenging behaviour and apply a range of strategies to manage them

P.                   keep up to date with pupils' EHCP information and reviews.

Q.                 Work through issues and incidents with pupils in a clear and positive manner.

R.                  Support challenging teaching and learning activities.

S.                   Embrace alternative education practices including online learning and our VLP, Google Education.

T.                   Be prepared to deliver alternative subjects (including adult education classes) where required due to Broadstones School's holistic approach to curriculum design.

Additional Duties


Under the direction of the Head Teacher, the Teacher will:


A.                  Produce, design and develop high quality innovative Schemes of Work and ILPs to support a motivating and differentiated curriculum.

B.                  Develop individual learning programmes for pupils as appropriate including online lessons and assignments accessing the Google Education suite.

C.                  Review and evaluate curriculum data and identify areas for improvement

D.                  Support, monitor and evaluate the assessment and marking strategies used by staff.

E.                   Monitor, assess and review the progress of identified individual pupils or groups of pupils.

F.                   Maintain records and MIS data, prepare reports on specific aspects of the curriculum including pupil welfare.

G.                  Contribute to the development of NNSP principles, supporting the nurture ethos throughout Broadstones school.

General duties

A.                  Be aware of and respect all children’s religious beliefs and cultures.

B.                  Supervise children with vigilance.

C.                  Maintain professional conduct at all times.

D.                  Support, promote and comply with decisions and policies agreed by the SMT, and the management committee.

E.                   Support senior staff to formulate the School Improvement Plan and policies in all areas of school life.

F.                   Develop effective professional relationships with work colleagues, and always maintain appropriate professional boundaries in relationships with children, and all work colleagues.

G.                  Develop own professional knowledge, skills and understanding through active participation at meetings and training.

Safeguarding Children

In accordance with the school’s commitment to follow and adhere to the Department for Education’s  guidance entitled "Keeping Children Safe in Education" and all other relevant guidance and legislation in respect of safeguarding children, you are required to demonstrate your commitment to promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people in the school.  All staff are required to maintain appropriate professional boundaries in relationships with children and with all members of the school community and outside agencies, and exercise sound professional judgment which always focuses upon the best interests of the students and the school.

You are also required to know and comply with the DfE document ‘Guidance for Safer Working Practice for Adults who work with Children and Young People (January 2009). You are required to have satisfactory Enhanced DBS clearance with barred list information.  Your role requires you to observe and maintain appropriate professional boundaries at all times and avoid behaviour that might be misinterpreted by others.  You must understand and carry out your duties in accordance with the responsibilities of being in a position of trust and despatch your duty of care appropriately at all times.  You will be expected to present a consistently positive image of the school and uphold public trust and confidence at all times.


During the course of your employment you may see, hear or have access to, information on matters of a confidential nature relating to the work of Broadstones school  and to the health and personal affairs of pupils and staff.  Under no circumstances should such information be divulged or passed on to any unauthorised person or organisation and you will be required to know when or what information can be shared and in what circumstances it is appropriate to do so.

Data Protection

During the course of your employment you will have access to data and personal information that must be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the GDPR and are properly applied to pupil, staff and company information.

Freedom of Information

As an Independent school we are not bound by the freedom of information act, but it is still essential that records are accurately recorded and maintained in accordance with the school’s policies and procedures.

Smoking / Intoxicants Policy

No smoking or intoxicants are permitted in any part of the premises or grounds managed, leased or owned by Broadstones.  No smoking or intoxicants are permitted  in any vehicle parked on any Broadstones premises.  Smoking of any product and the consumption of alcohol are strictly forbidden.

Broadstones School

Person Specification

English Teacher

You are asked to focus upon demonstrating the extent to which you meet each of the selection criteria when writing your personal statement which you will find on the last page of the application form. Candidates who are shortlisted for interview will also be required to demonstrate their ability to meet the remaining criteria outlined on this Person Specification during the selection process, with the exception of their qualifications.  These will be evidenced from the application form and your production of any original relevant certificates at interview.


E= (Essential)   D= (Desirable)   A= (Application Form)   I= (Interview process)







Teaching qualification in the subject(s) to be taught


Valid UK Driving Licence


Evidence of recent training/professional development in working with pupils with challenging behaviour


A commitment to continuous professional development

Successful Experience






In either a special school or in a mainstream setting, of successfully managing the learning of pupils with challenging behaviour.


Experience of teaching at KS3/KS4


Experience  of working with pupils with complex emotional needs.


Experience of writing reports and analysing pupil performance through data.

Knowledge and Understanding

Able to evidence and apply up to date secure knowledge and understanding of:






Effective strategies for working with pupils with challenging behaviour


A commitment to Equal Opportunities


Child Protection laws and procedures


Knowledge of Education System







Organise time effectively and work independently as well as part of a team


Organise and manage and work with colleagues staff effectively


Monitor and evaluate students


Communicate effectively


Work sensitively with partners and stakeholders including schools


Develop and maintain positive relationships at all levels


Ability to plan, organise and to creatively deliver our Curriculum at KS3 and KS4


Ability to plan and deliver high quality lessons to individuals and small groups of pupils with challenging behaviour.


Ability to work effectively with the staff team in relation to their professional development


Ability to work flexibly in the context of a small staff team.


Ability to maintain a positive attitude to pupils with a history of challenging behaviour in school

Personal Attributes

Able to demonstrate evidence of:






Consistently demonstrate the behaviours expected by virtue of being a person in a position of trust


Reliability and integrity


Committed to maintaining a healthy work life balance for oneself and that of others


A genuine concern to secure the educational progress of pupils irrespective of their background or ethnicity


Suitability to work with children